How To Use Evaporative Cooling

Important Information about your Breezair


Breezairs or Evaporative Coolers use the effect of “Latent Heat” to cool the air as it passes over water soaked porous material.  Heat is removed (absorbed) from the air in changing some of the water to a vapour (evaporation).


Evaporative Air conditioning is cheaper to run that Refrigerated (or mechanical) air conditioning, but requires acceptance by the user that:


1)     The temperature achieved depends upon the outside air humidity rather than temperature


2)     All air bought into the space by the unit must be exhausted at the same rate.

i.e. Evaporative Cooling needs large open areas for air release, unlike refrigerated air conditioning that needs a closed system for recirculation.


The Tissue Test


When your unit is on, windows and doors should be open to allow the air to pass through the room.  A tissue held up to the fly screen will indicate, by “sticking” to the screen from the force of air, that the unit is operating at an efficient speed.


If there is a strong breeze outside, the side of the house from where the breeze is from, windows and doors may have to be only partially opened, so that the breeze does not over ride the cool air from your unit.

Clean and Servicing

 Unlike refrigerated air conditioners, evaporative air coolers have pulleys and belts that should be serviced at least annually.  A motor needs to be running at its rated capacity to prevent burnout, therefore pulley and belt tension requires maintenance.  If the belt is too tight you will get excessive belt and bearing wear. If it is to loose, you will get belt slip with accompanying noise and loss of cooler performance.


We use high pressure water cleaners to remove mineral buildup on filterpads and scale from water reservoirs.


Filter Pads


Although filter pads would appear to be of good condition, sometimes over a span of years, efficiency has been lost due to a breakdown of the actual construction of each fibre and a clogging of strands of fibre by mineral deposits leached from the water, and airborne dusts.


Between 20 to 40% efficiency is lost over a 12 month period, so replacement of pads for maximum coolness during our hottest days, is most desirable.


For maximum efficiency we recommend changing of Woodwool filter pads every 18 months – 2 years, and CELdek pads 2 – 4 yearly, providing pads have been cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build up of deposits.


To prolong the life of your pads, you could turn off the cooling cycle (pump) 5-10 minutes prior to shutting down the fan.  This helps to dry the pads out before the unit is shut down, therefore preventing a suitable environment for algae (which can cause an unpleasant smell) when there is no airflow.


We hope that this information will help you understand Evaporative Air conditioning.  Please do not hesitate to call C’Breeze Airconditioning for any enquiries.

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